President Cook: Politicians' 'shameful' actions will not be forgotten

MEA President Steve Cook said in a media statement Wednesday that Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature's "shameful" actions in passing so-called right-to-work legislation "will not be forgotten."

"Tuesday was a dark day for our state," Cook said. "Middle-class families will be hurt by the underhanded action taken by the Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder. The shameful way that Snyder and the Republican Legislature rushed through so-called "right-to-work" legislation -- without as much as a public hearing -- will not be forgotten. The Legislature and the governor chose politics over policy, and corporate special interests over regular citizens.

Check out photos from Tuesday's event.

"The bad news for Snyder and his far-right allies is that the labor movement in Michigan is more united than ever. In the coming days and weeks, we will be discussing options and decide on a plan to win back the rights that Snyder and the Legislature stripped away from working people. 

"At Tuesday's 'Day of Action' event at the Capitol, teachers and school support staff stood shoulder-to-shoulder with working people from every field and industry to make their voices heard," Cook said."Make no mistake: Despite all corporate attempts to silence them, the voices of Michigan's middle class will be heard."

For more from President Cook, click here to watch a video of him addressing the crowd outside of Lansing City Hall during yesterday's Day of Action.

Check out photos from Tuesday's event.