President Cook reaffirms MEA's position on SB 618 with state reps

In a letter to state representatives, President Steve Cook is urging them to vote “no” on SB 618, the legislation that lifts the cap on charter schools.

Yesterday, the House Education Committee reported out the bill after a contentious meeting where Rep. Rudy Hobbs (D-Lathrup Village) called the hearing a “charade.” He went on to characterize SB 618 as “taking the cap off of an experiment.” The bill is on the House floor and could see action next week.

Cook calls SB 618--and the rest of the Senate’s so-called “education reform” package—a “collection of unproven concepts that do not help our neighborhood schools provide a better education to all students.”

To further drive home the points in President Cook’s letter, contact your state representatives today. Urge them to vote "no" and instead support what research says will yield the greatest results for our children--small class sizes, more and better teacher training, greater parental involvement and adequate resources for student learning.