Proposal 2 attack ads full of lies, misleading statements

Citizens Protecting Michigan's Constitution, the group who tried so hard to keep Proposal 2 off the ballot, has not given up. They have released another attack ad on the constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining and working families that is full of lies and misleading statements. The ad is being bankrolled by corporate special interests who have poured more than $1 million on Proposal 2 attacks.

This time, they claim that if the proposal passes, teachers will strike as they did in Chicago, bus drivers will no longer have to pass safety standards, and pension and health care costs will rise. These unfounded claims are meant to scare and mislead voters.

Proposal 2 clearly states, "No existing or future law of the State. . .shall abridge, impair or limit the foregoing rights; provided that the State may prohibit or restrict strikes by employees of the State and its political subdivisions."

It's doubtful that school boards will forego safety standards for their bus drivers and risk the wrath of parents and the loss of insurance. The rollbacks that supposedly saved taxpayers the cost of health care for public workers are issues that would need to be bargained--a right Proposal 2 will protect.

Let's set the record straight. Proposal 2 will restore the collective bargaining rights that the Legislature took away from us--it will not force workers to join unions and it will not allow for public employee strikes. Collective bargaining gives school employees the voice to negotiate over wages, benefits and working conditions. It will ensure a level playing field for employees against Lansing politicians controlled by corporate special interests.