Proposal 2--it's in everyone's best interest

Critics of Proposal 2--like Citizens Protecting Michigan Taxpayers--haven't let up with their fear-mongering ads. Funded by shadowy corporate front groups, they continue to paint a distorted picture of collective bargaining, unions and teachers with their lies and misinformation. Even Gov. Snyder has abandoned Michigan's working families in a desperate attempt to stop Proposal 2.

But the Governor and these so-called citizen-protection groups obviously don't really care about Michigan's future. If they did, they would realize that collective bargaining provides decent wages for Michigan workers so they can keep citizens safe, students educated and the economy growing. Everyone benefits from collective bargaining.

The new Protect Working Families video,"Firefighter Time", shows how collective bargaining benefits every Michigan citizen. The video clearly explains that firefighters need collective bargaining to make sure they have the necessary equipment and training to save lives. Collective bargaining protects firefighters--and that benefits everyone.

Nurses need collective bargaining to make sure they have the working conditions and training to provide the best care for patients. Lives depend on it. Collective bargaining protects nurses--and that benefits everyone.

School employees need collective bargaining to make sure they have the professional development, class size and resources to make sure our students receive a quality education. Collective bargaining protects school employees and students--and that benefits everyone.

Working class families need collective bargaining to make sure they receive decent wages and benefits that will keep workers committed to and supportive of their local communities. Collective bargaining protects working families--and that benefits everyone.

That's the real story behind Proposal 2--the story you can tell family, friends and neighbors when you encourage them to vote YES on Proposal 2 on Nov. 6.