PWF wants latest anti-Proposal 2 ad pulled

In a tele-press conference and news release yesterday, the Protect Working Families coalition called on news outlets to pull the latest 30-second TV ad by Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution blasting Proposal 2—the constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining and working families. The ad is full of lies, making outrageous claims of what Proposal 2 would do and attempting to scare away voters.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said, “The last thing we need is parents worrying about the lies in this ad. Proposal 2 won’t make it harder to protect our kids. Collective bargaining actually helps law enforcement keep our schools and our communities safe.”

The ad falsely claims that Proposal 2 will block schools from removing employees with criminal backgrounds and remove safety standards for school bus drivers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Under Michigan’s Revised School Code, all current and newly hired teachers receive background checks. Proposal 2 won’t change that.

Proposal 2 also won’t change the federal and state standards for school bus drivers. School employees can’t drive school busses unless they have a Commercial Drivers License and they have to pass a safety skills test and other requirements to get the license.

Here’s the truth. Collective bargaining gives working families a voice to negotiate for wages, benefits and working conditions that benefit all workers.  

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution is a shadowy front group that refuses to disclose who’s providing more than $10 million on false ads like this latest one. What is clear—this group and its financial supporters would like to continue making profits while the people who actually do the work see their pay and benefits cut.

Vote YES on Proposal 2 because your future depends on it.