SB 1040 ruling could come this week

MEA Voice Online
October 15, 2012

Subject: SB 1040 ruling could come this week

SB 1040 could see Court action this week
When we last left SB 1040, MEA and AFT scored legal victories with two temporary restraining orders (TROs). AFT Michigan challenged the Oct. 26 deadline MPSERS members had to make decisions about their pension plan. With that original deadline closing in, the Supreme Court may rule this week to either uphold the TRO stopping that deadline from being in effect or overturn it and force school employees to make choices about their financial future over the next two weeks.

MEA challenged the constitutionality of the changes to the pension and retiree health benefits—specifically the 3 percent members would continue paying if they wanted retiree health care benefits. The TRO in that case declared that any elections members made could be rescinded or changed, depending on a court ruling.

By going to, you can keep updated on the latest developments with SB 1040 and get information about the financial decisions school employees are faced with under the new law.