School employee relatives barred from school board

Citing a blatant conflict of interest, Sen. Joe Hune (R-Hamburg) last week introduced SB 773 which would prohibit the spouse, child, parent or sibling of school employees from serving on the district’s school board.  Similarly, a school board member would be removed if a relative became a school district employee. Hune said he’s opposed to having board members vote on contracts that impact their family members. He denied the bill was another attack on MEA.

MEA opposes the bill. To dictate which citizens can serve on an elected body is anti-democracy. This bill attacks the rights of a school district’s voters to choose who represents them.  Voters can decide for themselves what is and isn't a conflict of interest -- the Legislature has no right to restrict the will of voters.

Again, school employees are the target of vindictive legislators. Why does this bill only apply to school boards and not city, county or state government too? What's next? Banning business owners from serving in the Legislature because they can vote to cut their business taxes?