Senate committee considers ending full-time release practice

HB 4059 hasn’t seen much action since it was first introduced by Rep. Knollenberg (R-Troy) in January 2011 and passed by the House in April, but the bill to prohibit public employers from paying for full-time release union officials will again see the light of day at tomorrow’s Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee meeting.

The bill applies to not only full-time release presidents, but also to other union officers, members and bargaining representatives who would be banned from conducting any union business on time paid for by the school district.

This bill is just another attack on unions and school employees. Self-righteous supporters claim that the current practice is misuse of taxpayer dollars. Only a handful of large school districts have full-time release union officials, so the economic impact is slight. But, again, legislators are blaming school employees and their union for problems they created when they chose to give corporate CEOs $1.8 billion in tax cuts at the expense of education funding.

Contact your Senator. Use these talking points to tell legislators that their time would be better spent creating the jobs Michigan needs instead of continuing to scapegoat school employees.

HB 4059 Talking Points