Senate takes no action on SB 1040 -- keep lobbying!

Contrary to speculation, SB 1040--legislation that attacks school employee retirement benefits--saw no action on the Senate floor today.

Changes to the bill don’t help current or future employees. And current retirees will be feeling a huge impact if this bill passes and doubles their health care premiums--on top of the new pension tax legislators imposed last year. With the average teacher pension at $20,000, SB 1040 will force many retirees to choose between filling a prescription and buying groceries.

The bill didn’t move off the Senate floor today because you’ve been in contact with State Senators. Keep up the pressure!

It’s also time to have those same conversations with your State Representatives.  They need to know that shifting retirement costs from school districts to cash-strapped school employees and seniors on fixed incomes is no way to fix the retirement system.

MEA will keep you updated on any further developments.