Snyder signs redistricting bills

About an hour before they would have taken effect without his signature, Gov. Snyder signed redistricting bills this week. The bills are now Public Acts 128 and 129.

The maps were approved by the Legislature in June but may face a lawsuit by Democrats who see the redistricting as a Republican move to give them a political advantage and disenfranchise voters.

Because Michigan has lost population over the past 10 years, the state has only 15 seats in Congress today and will lose another seat next year.

In defense of the redistricting, Snyder said, “This clearly shows why we need to fundamentally reinvent Michigan as a place where business can grow and create jobs and people can raise a family.”

During intense negotiations, Democrats produced alternative maps, but they were ignored by the Republican-controlled Legislature who claims that the maps meet federal standards.

Every 10 years, states must redraw the boundaries for state House and Senate and U.S. House seats based on census results. To view the new redistricting maps, go to