Snyder signs SB 618 into law

On Tuesday, Gov. Snyder signed SB 618 into law lifting a 150-cap on university-sponsored charter schools.  The bill is now Public Act 277.

The original bill was modified so that the cap is gradually lifted until 2015 when there will be no limit. Next year, the limit is 300 new charter schools and grows to 500 in 2014.

MEA opposed the bill on the grounds that lifting the cap robs traditional public schools of needed resources. The bill also lacked strict accountability standards for newly-created charter schools.

But your calls, emails and conversations with legislators did make a difference in the final version Snyder signed. Portions of the bill allowing the privatization of teachers was removed and the new law puts more accountability and transparency standards in place for charter schools.

Your efforts have also stalled SB 619. This legislation to expand cyber schools is worse than SB 618 since there is even less research and evidence that the virtual schools are true education reform. Again, your contact with legislators prevented any action being taken on SB 619 before the end of session this year.

Make sure you listen to President Cook's latest video message for a recap on the impact of these bills.