Statement on the legal impacts of Proposal 2

EAST LANSING, Oct. 10, 2012 —The following statement can be attributed to MEA President Steven Cook regarding the “MEA memo” being used by opponents of Proposal 2 to scare Michigan voters:

“Last spring the MEA Legal Department circulated an internal memo speculating about the effects of Proposal 2. Since the MEA memo was written, the Michigan Court of Appeals has rejected a broad interpretation of the amendment saying:

‘Presuming the people of the State of Michigan enact the proposed initiative, the Legislature would remain empowered to 'enact laws relative to the hours and conditions of employment,' and indeed, the bare fact that employees of the State would have the right to collectively bargain does not in any way force the legislature to enact, or decline to enact, any laws whatsoever.’

“Corporate special interests bent on scaring voters about the impacts of Proposal 2 are lying about the legal impacts of protecting collective bargaining rights.

Collective bargaining keeps our kids and our communities safer by allowing teachers and first responders to negotiate for the tools they need to do their jobs properly - and gives all workers a voice for fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. Proposal 2’s sole purpose is to protect basic collective bargaining rights for future generations.”