Statement from MEA President Cook on Feb. 28 election results

TUESDAY, FEB. 28, 2012 – The following can be attributed to MEA President Steve Cook on tonight’s election results:

“The fact that tonight’s election results are as close as they are says volumes about how voters are feeling.

“For Michigan to have even been a concern for Mitt Romney shows how badly he’s disconnected from our voters. From his insistence that Detroit and its automakers should have gone bankrupt to his lack of understanding for the struggles middle class families are experiencing every day, it’s clear Mitt Romney isn’t what voters are looking for in a president.

“In the 51st House District, Steve Losey’s loss tonight is deeply disappointing.  But it’s important to recognize that, despite the election appearing next to a Republican presidential primary, it was a close race.  Many voters are clearly angry with what’s gone on in Lansing for the past year and took that anger with them to the ballot box.

“But I’m very pleased to see Tim Greimel, a great friend of public education, win in the 29th House District.

“We’re going to build on the energy and momentum from tonight – both the wins and the losses – and carry that forward to November, when Michigan voters will have the chance to pass judgment on the Republican agenda and send new leadership to Lansing.”

CONTACT: Doug Pratt, Director of Public Affairs, 517-896-4465