Talking Points - Education reform

Talking Points

  • MEA supports real education reform that will create an educated workforce for the jobs Michigan needs.
  • MEA does not support so called “education reform” that simply veils attacks on public school employees, their collective bargaining rights, or their unions.
  • We need to work together to help all children have access to great public schools.
  • Historically, public school employees have advocated for many of the major education reforms that have proven to help students – professional standards, race and gender rights, increased learning opportunities for students with special needs, small class sizes, early childhood education, bilingual and multicultural education, and efforts to provide a safe learning environment for all students, to name a few. As we look forward, we should remember this – and ask professional educators what else can be done to help students.
  • MEA’s A+ Agenda is a proactive proposal to improve public education and to help move Michigan forward. Our plan raises the bar for student achievement and accountability for all.