Talking Points - MEA's A+ Agenda

Talking Points

Use these key points to help in talking about the A+ Agenda

  • MEA’s A+ Agenda is a proactive proposal to improve public education and to help move Michigan forward.
  • For too long, education employees have been characterized as “blockers” to reform. This agenda indicates otherwise. This plan raises the bar for student achievement and accountability for all.
  • With these proposals, professional educators are true partners in education reform rather than having reform done to them.
  • This agenda creates real education reform that will create an educated workforce for the jobs Michigan needs.
  • MEA’s A+ Agenda holds everyone – teachers, administrators, parents, the citizens of Michigan, and legislators – responsible for a child’s success in school.
  • If these measures are enacted, millions of taxpayer dollars will be saved. Schools will be able to afford the resources needed so students receive a better education. Businesses will have a higher-quality workforce. Everybody wins.