Talking points -- Tenure

  • Tenure is a protection for good teachers—not ineffective ones. Due process spelled out by the tenure law makes sure teachers are not dismissed for arbitrary and capricious reasons.
  • The Education Alliance—representing Michigan’s leaders—recommends an educator evaluation planand calls for strong collaboration between unions and administrators. This legislation flies in the face of their recommendations based on best practice and research.
  • The MEA supports streamlining the process to discharge ineffective teachers in its A+ Agenda.
  • Everyone in public education—teachers, administrators, support staff, etc.--should be held accountable for the overall educational success of students. This legislation puts the total burden on teachers.
  • The Legislature is calling for education reform, but at the same time slashing education funding to implement real reform based on data and best practices.
  • Nowhere does this legislation include training and certification of administrators who will be doing critical evaluations and making determinations about teacher placement.
  • Collaborative bargaining over personnel issues and evaluation work is crucial. Stripping teachers of their ability to have professional input into these decisions is unwarranted.