Teachers and ESP speaking out through MEA’s ‘Voices from the Front Lines’ website


Teachers and education support professionals from across the state are speaking out via MEA’s new “Voices from the Front Lines” webpage, offering their thoughts on prominent education policy topics to share with legislators, experts, media and the general public.

Sue Bratton, who works as a secretary in Mio AuSable Schools, says: “I still haven't recovered from when then-Governor Engler stole our retirement money to turn his red ink into black. Then we had to pay more for retirement...more in taxes....now [state politicians] will be taking most of my paycheck for insurance and letting freeloaders get something for nothing. … I feel this has been our governor's plan right from the start — to turn all schools into charters so his friends can make money and he can get rid of education in government.” 

Rochelle Noel, a school counselor in Livonia Public Schools, writes: “Over the last two years in Michigan under Governor Snyder’s administration, the Republican legislators have waged an all-out war on teachers.  Those outside the profession may have missed some of the dirty details, but I promise you that no aspect of the teaching profession was left untouched including (but not limited to):  teaching certification, tenure, evaluations, professional development, bargaining rights, health insurance, seniority, discipline and, believe it or not, they’re even talking about teachers carrying guns in schools.”

David Myron, a teacher in Perry Public Schools, says the Legislature should increase education funding “to at least the rate of inflation,” and that local districts get blamed too much for a lack of funding. “The community thinks districts cannot handle money, but the reality is the money shrinks every year,” Myron says.

State policymakers are considering numerous half-baked “reforms” affecting public education. It’s critical that our state’s leaders and citizens hear from school employees. After all, Michigan teachers and education support professionals are on the front lines of education, making them the state’s leading experts on education policy.

Please visit the Voices from the Front Lines website today to speak out!