Thousands protest attacks on middle class at the Capitol

Lawmakers press budget plan

Thousands of Michigan residents attended the We Are the People protest at the Capitol Wednesday to tell lawmakers and Gov. Rick Snyder that it's time to stand up for working and middle class families.

Meanwhile, Snyder and Republican leaders say they've reached a tentative agreement on a budget plan that still includes taxing pensions and giving a $1.8 billion business tax cut.

The proposed budget would cut $470 per pupil from school budgets, though many districts stand to lose more because of other cuts. Read more about other cuts

Check out photo slideshow from the rally.

 In the House Wednesday, a Republican-led appropriations subcommittee voted to cut funding to public universities by about 15 percent.

At the protest, many people carried signs about proposed budget cuts and how they will hurt children, seniors, and communities around the state even as corporations benefit from new tax breaks.

"Politicians are unfairly exploiting the economic crisis to tear apart our community instead of working together to find creative solutions that will build a strong Michigan and a vibrant economy with thriving businesses," said Kyle Holmes, a small business owner who spoke at the rally.

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