Who’s really looking out for your best interest?

The school year is over and it’s tempting to just put aside the memories of all the attacks on school employees by those with an anti-education agenda. Unfortunately, our enemies aren’t taking a break this summer. Leading the pack is the Mackinac Center that’s making sure you question your commitment to public education and your union.

But whose interests are they really looking out for—yours or theirs? Do they care about the survival of public education, your career as a public school employee or your ability to keep your commitment to students?  Or do they just want a clear path to easily turn schools over to for-profit companies.

The Mackinac Center has already started its anti-union, anti-public school, anti-public school employee campaign with stories, posts and letters to you about MEA’s failure to represent its members. But why?

MEA stands in the way of groups like the Mackinac Center and the American Association of Educators (AAE) from completely taking over public education. They’ve tried to silence members with legislation that has hurt students and public school employees, but we’ve fought back.

If MEA can’t continue to fight for you—who will? The Mackinac Center? Don’t be fooled. If they’re so concerned about your career, why did they make sure the recently-passed school funding plan includes options for school districts to get more money if they move to merit pay or lets districts make money if language about prohibited subjects of bargaining are gutted from your contracts? Whose interests are they really looking out for—yours or theirs?

You’re going to be receiving a letter from MEA President Steve Cook, Vice President Nancy Strachan and Secretary/Treasurer Rick Trainor describing the political landscape that threatens your career. Read it carefully. There’s also President Cook’s video explaining first-hand how MEA is working for you. Be sure to watch it.

Then ask yourself this question—who’s looking out for not only your best interest, but the best interest of students and public education in Michigan?