Will third time be the charm for RTT funds?

Michigan is making its third application to receive a Race to the Top (RTT) funds.  So far, 35 states are vying for $500 million for education reform. The focus of this round of applications is on early childhood education.  According to Gov. Snyder, only 65 percent of Michigan’s kindergartners were actually ready for a kindergarten curriculum.

If Michigan is awarded a grant, the money would be used to  network the Education, Community Health and Human Service departments and the Early Childhood Investment Corporation—a plan first suggested by Gov. Snyder in his education reform message this spring. The money would fund state-funded preschool, Head Start programs, maternal and infant care programs, and child care licensing.

The Department of Education will be giving states anywhere from $50 to $100 million depending on a state’s population of children from low-income families. More than 1 million of Michigan’s children are in poverty.