Cook in Detroit News: Lawmakers must take swift action on Student Safety Act

MEA President Steve Cook took to the editorial page of the Detroit News on Wednesday to urge state lawmakers to pass the Student Safety Act, which is stalled in the House Appropriations Committee. 

The legislation would create comprehensive communications infrastructure to provide students, school employees and parents with a way to anonymously submit tips about threats to student safety.

“Recent violent attacks in schools — including last week’s shootings outside Sexton High School in Lansing — emphasize the need for a comprehensive system for addressing threats to student safety,” Cook wrote.

“School shootings and other harmful acts rarely happen without some kind of warning. According to the U.S. Secret Service, 93 percent of school shooters exhibited “concerning behavior” to others prior to their attacks.

“But many people fail to report suspicious behavior out of fear of retribution or being labeled a ‘snitch.’ This silence leads to tragedy.

“Safety is one of the most pressing issues facing our schools and, indeed, our society. Teachers and education support professionals can’t help students reach their full academic potential without a safe learning environment in place.”

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