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New federal ranking system for colleges, universities could jeopardize funding

A new proposed government rating system for colleges and universities could have an effect on how much in federal grants and loans Michigan schools receive. The rating system would be based on factors such as affordability, how many students graduate, how much debt students accumulate, and how much money students earn after they graduate.

OCC faculty vote ‘no confidence’ in chancellor

“After much consideration, we, as an organization, decided to publicly express our concerns about Chancellor Meyer’s lack of leadership and absence of vision for student success,” said Mary Ann McGee, president of the OCC Faculty Association.

The faculty is particularly concerned with Meyer’s lack of vision when it comes to student success. The College is missing targets on student success measures, such as graduation and retention rates and developmental education success.

The faculty filed a lawsuit to gain access to consultant reports that recommended changes to academic programs, policies, and student support services that address student achievement and future success.

According to McGee, “Meyer’s decisions undercut collaboration and represent an unwillingness to communicate that shows a lack of respect, honesty and transparency which destroys trust.” The faculty points to data which shows the College has the lowest number of instructional staff per 100 students, yet he continues to make financial decisions which negatively impact student learning. 

Defunding Higher Education

The combination of lower state appropriations and higher tuition is forcing Michigan’s colleges and universities to look elsewhere, primarily to corporations, for funding. As a result, middle class families struggle to afford what used to be a widely available option. Defunding Higher Education - Privatization Through Neglect? examines whether this trend is effectively privatizing higher education.

Campus Equity Week: standing up for adjunct faculty rights

Educators, community members and college students are coming together to stand up for adjunct faculty rights during Campus Equity Week.

University of Detroit Mercy faculty asking for help from fellow MEA members

University of Detroit Mercy threatens to terminate faculty union’s contract

Despite ongoing negotiations between administrators and faculty, the University of Detroit Mercy has notified the faculty union that it could unilaterally terminate its contract on Sept. 24 — a heavy-handed move that could have serious consequences for students and educators at the Jesuit & Mercy university.

MEA member Maury Koffman elected to NEA Executive Committee

MEA member Maury Koffman, president of the 2,200-member Michigan State University Administrative Professional Association, was elected to NEA’s Executive Committee on Friday.

MEA member Maury Koffman was elected to NEA’s Executive Committee on Friday, giving Michigan educators a prominent voice on NEA’s top governing body.

CMU professor Paul Hernandez: Every child deserves a chance

Paul Hernandez, associate professor of sociology at Central Michigan University


Paul Hernandez began his journey as a gang member on the rough streets of Los Angeles.

At school, he watched administrators and teachers direct their attention to the students who were on a college track and disregard the idea that he might have higher aspirations, too.