MEA-PAC Governing Board

(Annual Meeting in May- 2 yr. terms)

Start Date

Elected Members



Millie Lambert (2014-Reg 5)



Jane Reif (2014-Reg 11)



Lindsey Forbes (2014-Reg 8)



Pat Tobin (2014-Reg 13)



Jonathon Fielbrandt (2015-Reg 6)



Paul Helder (2015-BdM-Reg 9)



Robert Hanchek (2014-Reg 17)



Melinda Smith (2015-Reg 2)



Michael Graves (2015-Reg 7)



Connie Boylan (2015-Reg 15)


Start Date

Board Appointed Members



Gloria Wagener (2014-BdM-Reg 12)



Sue Federico (2014-BdM-Reg 13)


Start Date

Members Appointed by Position



Steven Cook



Sigrid Grace (Reg 10)

Vice Chair


Don Tilley-(2016-Leg Comm.)



Oct. 2013

Vacancy (2013-MCC-Reg) (these two MCC seats are not automatically the Chair and Vice Chair of MCC. They are chosen by the committee and must be PAC contributors)



Robert Gaines III (2014-MCC-Reg 7)



Drew Campbell (2014 ESP – Reg 7)   



Judy Foster (2014 MEA-Retired)



Gerald Faye (2014-MAHE - Reg 7)



Don Tilley (MEA Democratic Educators' Caucus, 2016) Ex-officio, nonvoting member



Doug Thering (MEA Republican Educators' Caucus Chair, 2016) Ex-officio, nonvoting member



Gretchen Dziadosz, MEA Executive Director   Non-voting


2013-14 Charge:

To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.

To help develop local capacity by the identification and development of strategies that help locals increase member participation in PAC.

MEA-PAC Policies and Procedures:

VII.   Governing Board

There shall be an interim authority known as the Governing Board of MEA-PAC.  The Governing Board shall make recommendations for submission to MEA-PAC and the MEA Board and conduct the business of MEA-PAC.  The Governing Board shall consist of twenty-three (23) members:  the MEA-PAC chairperson and vice chairperson; ten (10) coordinating council PAC delegates elected by MEA-PAC at an annual meeting, no more than one (1) to be elected from an MEA region; chairperson of the MEA Legislation Commission or designee; the presiding officer of the MEA ESP Caucus, MAHE and MEA-R or designee; the two (2) minority members elected from the Minority Concerns Committee; two (2) members from the MEA Board of Directors; the chairperson of the Educator Caucus in each of

the two (2) major political parties, who shall be ex officio and nonvoting members; and one (1) staff representative without voting privileges.  These members shall serve from the date of the annual meeting until their successors have taken office.  The names of Governing Board members and central address will be published so members may contact them with their political and candidate concerns.