MEA response to Senate votes on HB 4152 and SB 7

Salters: 'Yet another assault on public education and the middle class'

"Today's votes in the Michigan Senate on HB 4152 and SB 7 are yet another assault on public education and the middle class.

"On the heels of their votes to slash business taxes while cutting education and raising taxes on seniors and the working poor, Republican leaders continue to rob public employees.  School employees have been sharing in our state's sacrifice for the past decade, taking concessions through collective bargaining at the local level.  

"This is no longer about good public policy.  It's clear that the mountain of accurate data about public employee compensation -- both through academic research and public opinion polling -- doesn't matter to the proponents of these bills.  It's clear this isn't about solving budget problems or creating jobs -- it's all about political payback.

"That couldn't be made clearer than the unbelievable choice by Senate Republican leaders to reconsider an amendment to HB 4152 that passed their chamber with bipartisan support.  Rather than accepting that the will of the Senate was to fix a serious problem with this bill, they instead went behind closed doors to twist arms into changing the results.

"MEA will continue to fight these and all other attacks on the public schools and middle class of this state. We call upon everyone who cares about stopping the destructive actions of Gov. Snyder and the Legislature to join us at the We Are The People rally at the Capitol this Saturday from4 to 6 p.m.  

CONTACT:  Doug Pratt, MEA Director of Public Affairs, 517-337-5566