What’s left on Gov. Snyder’s education agenda?

We’re moving into the last months of the legislative session before policymakers take a summer break. There are still items left on Gov. Snyder’s education agenda and they could see action before legislators leave. Here’s what we could see happening:

  1. The Governor’s proposed budget boosts state spending on public education that would mean a $100 increase per-student funding. What schools will ultimately receive in funding will be determined soon as the Senate and the House finalize their budget proposals.
  2. Gov. Snyder wants year-round schools. HB 4982 passed the House Appropriations Committee establishing a pilot program that would give schools interested in such a calendar the opportunity to try out this schedule. How much money will be available to outfit schools is yet to be decided.
  3. What to do with financially and academically troubled schools still remains a challenge When the Legislature left on its break, there still weren’t enough votes to expand the Education Achievement Authority (EAA). HB 5268, an alternative to putting low-achieving schools in the EAA, has been proposed. 
  4. Science, technology, engineering and math education is a priority if we’re going to prepare students for jobs of the future.
  5. Gov. Snyder would like to see a statewide definition of truancy to drive programs and a curriculum that will provide students with the motivation to stay in school and graduate.