MEA Voice Magazine – December 2019

Click to view online. In this issue: ICYMI – Save with Staples Above and Beyond From Discouraged to Empowered: My Story of Union Advocacy Member-Organizers Make A Difference Innovation: Place-Based Education – One Chapter at a Time My View: Three — ‘Read or Flunk’ Rules Inspire Fear How Do We Solve Educator Shortages? Union Bargains […]

Member Spotlight: Amber Guerreiro

Amber Guerreiro felt exhausted one Friday night, so the Greenville Middle School teacher wrote her thoughts down, titled “A Day in the Life of a Teacher,” and put it on Facebook. She thought a few teacher friends might relate. Her post went viral with more than 108,000 shares. What was it that resonated with so many people? […]

Union Bargains Improvements in Flint

Five years after accepting dramatic concessions to help pull Flint Community Schools out of deficit spending, the district’s teachers have overwhelmingly approved a contract that raises pay, lowers class sizes, and restores MESSA health care benefits, among other improvements. In addition, added provisions aim to create a new educator pipeline through a tuition reimbursement plan for long-term substitute […]

How Do We Solve Educator Shortages?

If you put a bunch of educators in a room and ask them to solve what ails public education these days, you might expect they would produce a pretty darn amazing set of recommendations. Lansing grades 7-8 teacher Erika Bushey reports out on her group's recommendations for recruiting and retaining educators. Expectation confirmed. Over several weeks this fall, [...]

Opinion: To address literacy, understand link with poverty

December 18, 2019 By PAULA HERBART/President – Michigan Education Association Some of us remember the old “Reading is Fundamental” ad campaign, which encouraged parents to read to their children. Today, that fundamental is even more critical, especially in light of how poverty and lagging literacy levels intersect. Too often, lawmakers look for “silver bullet” solutions […]