MEA Voice Magazine – February 2020

Click to view online. In this issue: ICYMI – Census 2020 Above and Beyond Get involved in Election 2020 More Districts Tap Lesser Known Funding Source What Money Can Buy: Emmet County – Alanson What Money Can Buy: Ottawa County – Hudsonville What Money Can Buy: Wayne County — Wayne-Westland My View: Four — Who […]

Above and Beyond – Jessica McGrath

No one asked MEA member Jessica McGrath to start a food pantry for hungry children in her Wayne-Westland school. But when the food services employee realized youngsters coming through her line for breakfast and lunch were going without dinner at night or meals over weekends and holidays, she was moved to action. “I talk to […]

More Districts Tap Lesser Known Funding Source

How “Enhancement Millages” are helping students and educators By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor Tov Pauling Longtime school custodian Tov Pauling has a unique perspective on what’s happening in Wayne-Westland schools. To sum it up, he quotes Carl Reed—the custodian character from the 1980s “Brat Pack” movie, The Breakfast Club—“I am the eyes and ears [...]

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

By Jennifer Dooley M.Ed., MAED. Sixth-grade teacher Pontiac City School District I am ecstatic when organizations and policy makers recommend funding schools with a weighted formula based on student needs. It is an important first step to acknowledge that not all children are the same nor are they afforded the same economic advantages. However, even […]

Union Leader Wins National Award

As a teacher in Huron Valley over the past decade, Nick Peruski’s approach asks students in his high school business, multimedia, and web design classes to face challenges, develop and test solutions, and learn from what works and what doesn’t. “It’s so hard as a teacher because our instinct is to help kids, but when you […]

Member Spotlight: Gabby Taylor

Gabby Taylor, a fourth-year teacher in Ann Arbor, channels veteran educators’ frustrations in “Teachers Anthem,” a moving song she wrote and performed at a school board meeting as contract talks started. You must have a music background—the anthem is powerful. I started writing in eighth or ninth grade. I took guitar lessons. I did show choir […]

ICYMI — Census 2020

The once-a-decade United States Census provides a fascinating teachable moment for students of all grade levels, intersecting social studies, mathematics and other disciplines in concrete ways. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools program is offering free, teacher-designed resources at that connect with various academic areas, including math, geography, history and more. There are […]