Since the final approval of the Administrative Rules Governing Michigan Teacher Certification on May 18, 2012, the Michigan Department of Education has put in place new procedures regarding Teaching Certificates. Teachers may now progress to the Professional Certificate or renew the Professional Certificate with District Provided Professional Development (DPPD).

What is Districted Provided Professional Development (DPPD)?
Districted Provided Professional Development (DPPD) is the annual professional development provided by a District to teachers as required by MCL 380.1527. The District is required to provide five (5) days (which is equal to 30 hours) of professional development activities appropriate to the grade level and/or endorsement area of the teacher.

I do a lot of Professional Development – does all of it count as DPPD?
No. Although teachers complete countless hours of Professional Learning during the course of a school year, DPPD must be set aside or provided by the District. District support can be demonstrated by providing release time, providing registration or other examples determined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

How do I report DPPD to renew or advance my teaching certificate?
You may use DPPD only if you participate in all 30 hours of DPPD during the five (5) years prior to application for renewal. Teachers needing to renew a Professional Education certificate this year, and forward, may now submit a form, verified by the employing district, documenting participation in the professional development. Full credit for DPPD means having participated during each of the 5 days within each of the 5 years of the cycle – in other words 25 full days of participation at a minimum 150 hours. It is not acceptable to simply aggregate 150 hours of DPPD, only 30 hours can be counted in any one year. Teachers who are unable to provide documentation of the 25 days may use a lesser amount by equating each full day to 6 hours but will need to complete additional work. For example, a teacher has only participated in 20 days of DPPD during the time period, then the teacher would receive credit for 120 hours which does not fully satisfy the renewal requirements. The teacher would then be required to complete another option. In this case, the teacher could earn 2 semester credits which equate to 50 additional hours or 30 additional hours of State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) to reach a total of 150 hours. Please note that the semester credit option equates to a total of 170 clock hours or 20 additional hours beyond the DPPD.

What about my colleagues who are school psychologists, licensed school counselors, and licensed speech and hearing pathologists? Can they use DPPD?
A speech and language teacher holding a teaching certificate may use DPPD to renew the teaching certificate only. A school psychologist, licensed school counselor and licensed speech and hearing pathologist may use SCECHs for the renewal of a certificate or license. However, these school support personnel MAY NOT use DPPD to renew a certificate or license since the rules regulating these individuals were not revised. In such cases, the individuals are required to either earn an additional 6 semester credits; 150 SCECHs; or a combination of the two for the renewal of a certificate or license. Additionally, school psychologists may be required to provide evidence that the continuing education received relates directly to the individual’s position as a school psychologist.

For more information – view the Teacher Certification Flow Chart or contact MEA Communications & Public Policy Department at 800-292-1934.