Member Voices for Safety

Member Voices for Safety

Why Face-to-Face School Seems Unsustainable This Year

By Todd Bloch I teach science, so I’ve been trained to make observations. From what I observed in the fall, I’ve drawn some conclusions about why in-person teaching and learning in a pandemic is difficult to sustain—and not necessarily for the most obvious reasons. Todd Bloch In Warren Woods Public Schools in Macomb County, where I teach middle school science, we developed…

MY VIEW: The Awakening

By Robyne Muray As an historian, I never thought I would witness the life-altering experience of a pandemic. I believed our medical advances made us far more sophisticated than those living through the 1918 flu pandemic. However, persevering through COVID-19 has changed my perspective about who I am and what my professional future holds. Robyne Muray Teaching for me has…

Opinion: MEA: We’ll sue to ensure school safety

By PAULA HERBART/President – Michigan Education Association As we approach the start of a school year like no other, teachers and education support professionals are feeling scared and angry. Scared because of unknown consequences of returning to classrooms without clear answers about COVID-19 health and safety — because, frankly, the experts don’t have those answers about a disease we’re still…

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