The BFCL Initiative

bfcl_logoTen years ago, the MEA launched its Building Full Capacity Locals (BFCL) initiative. The goal of the BFCL initiative is to strengthen the leadership skills and knowledge base of every president, officer or active member who wants to have a positive impact on his/her bargaining unit. As the coordinator and assistant coordinator of this initiative, our job is to provide you with the training, tools and resources needed to move in the right direction!

Upcoming Trainings

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For more resources, please call 800-292-1934, ext. 2941.

PAC Power Booklet (PDF)

Getting Strategic — Long-Range Planning for Local Leaders (PDF)

Presidents Planning Calendar (PDF)

Association/Building Representatives and Stewards — Starting with the Basics (PDF)

Association/Building Representatives and Stewards — Starting with the Basics — Higher Ed(PDF)

Communications 101 (PDF)

(download below or request copies by calling 800-292-1934, ext. 2941)

Just Between Presidents – Generation Next (PDF)

Just Between Presidents – Parliamentary Procedure (PDF)

You’ve Been Elected. . . Now What? (PDF)

Processing Gripes and Grievances (PDF)

Processing Gripes and Grievances – Higher Ed (PDF)

United We Stand . . . Coalition Building for EA and ESP Units (PDF)

Local Funding Program

There are funds available to local associations to support NEW ideas, activities and programs, especially those designed to engage newer members or increase member political awareness/engagement.

For more information contact MEA Vice President Nancy Strachan at 800-292-1934, ext. 5509.

Local Self-Assessment Tool (PDF)

Local Funding Request Form (PDF)

Student Funding Application (PDF)