Fire DeVos

Fire DeVos – The Case Against U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

It is a deeply partisan time in Michigan and across the country. But, across partisan lines, MEA’s members have experienced why U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is the wrong person for the job.

The outcome of this fall’s presidential election will determine if DeVos continues her push to privatize public schools from the nation’s top education post—or if we can have new leadership from a qualified educator in the Department of Education.

Here are just some of the headlines from the past year that outline how DeVos’ priorities are out-of-line with public school students, parents and educators:


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Bridge Magazine – Sept. 3, 2020

Betsy DeVos: Michigan can expect standardized tests, despite COVID-19


Washington Post – Aug. 28, 2020

DeVos: It’s a ‘good thing’ that pandemic will force schools to make long-overdue changes


Michigan Attorney General – Aug. 27, 2020

AG Nessel Wins Preliminary Injunction to Suspend Unlawful CARES Act Rule Pushed by Secretary DeVos


NBC News – Aug. 11, 2020

Betsy DeVos publicly absent as critical decisions are made on public school reopenings


Salon – Aug. 5, 2020

Michigan GOP candidate who downplayed ties to DeVos hires her niece after getting $1M cash infusion


MLive – July 24, 2020

Betsy DeVos has long been the boogeyman of public education. Critics say her push to reopen schools shows why.


Detroit News – July 14, 2020

Labor Voices: Michigan v. DeVos is more than just a lawsuit


MLive – June 5, 2020

Michigan AG joins lawsuit against U.S. education secretary Betsy DeVos


New York Times – May 15, 2020

DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools


DeVos sued for seizing student loan borrowers’ wages during pandemic
Politico – May 1, 2020


New York Times – Feb. 28, 2020

Education Dept. to Cut Off Federal Funding for Some Rural Schools


Detroit Free Press – Feb. 11, 2020

Opinion: If Trump and DeVos do this, our public schools will suffer — even more


Washington Post – Jan. 17, 2020

More pizza, fewer vegetables: Trump administration further undercuts Obama school-lunch rules


Detroit News – Jan. 14, 2020

Labor Voices: Keep loan-forgiveness promises to educators


Detroit Free Press – Dec. 13, 2019

Betsy DeVos wants to change campus sexual assault policies. Slotkin has plan to stop her.


Washington Post – June 24, 2019

A report that detailed up to $1 billion in wasted federal funds on bad charter schools may have underestimated the problem


Network for Public Education – May 3, 2019
Asleep At The Wheel: How the Federal Charter Schools Program Recklessly Takes Taypayers and Students for a Ride

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