Understanding and maintaining certification is one of the challenges educators face, which is why MEA is there to help.

Teacher Certification Flow Chart

MEA has developed a simple guide to help understand and navigate Michigan’s different certification levels, including standard, professional and advanced professional certificates.  Learn more about the “SPA” and how to navigate it, including the most important rule: It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep his/her certificate valid at all times. Please know what type of certificate you hold and its expiration date.

ESP Certification

Outside of needed licenses for certain classifications (such as bus drivers), there are no statewide certification requirements for education support professionals. However, ESP recognize their need for professional development opportunities. To meet the changing requirements of their jobs, the ESP Certification program can enhance ESPs’ professionalism, gain them respect and help them perform their jobs at a higher level.  Learn more.

Need Assistance?

MEA can help members in good standing with certification issues. Contact your local MEA Uniserv office for assistance.

Certification News

Renew your certificate before it expires

Before you head off to summer break, check out these helpful tips to ensure you are on track to renew your teaching certificate before it expires.



Welcome Back – MEA Teacher Re-Entry Program

Michigan Online Educators Certification System (MOECS)
MOECS allows users to pay certification fees online and issues certificates within five business days. To get started, you’ll need to create or use a Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) account.

National Board Certification

Michigan Department of Education – Educator Certification