Finance & Membership

Additional MEA financial and membership information, including financial reports and budgets, can be found on under Departments / Finance or by contacting MEA Secretary/Treasurer Aaron Eling at

Effective January 1, 2023 the IRS Mileage Rate is 65.5 cents per mile.

Local Online Candidate Elections

MEA is prepared to conduct on-line voting for any local who may have previously held using paper ballot elections. This would include local officer, executive committee, bargaining team or building representative elections (candidate elections) to local contract ratifications (non-candidate elections).

The Local Association must electronically submit their constitution and bylaws to the MEA Vice President for approval prior to requesting an online election. Once approved, the documents will be sent to MEA IT. IT will contact the local detailing the entire process. At this point all communication will come from MEA IT.

Following is some preliminary information that must be submitted by the local to begin the local on-line candidate election process:

  • At least 30 calendar days prior the date of a candidate election, the local informs the MEA Vice President of its intention to hold an on-line election by completing an online request form: which includes the following information:
    • Beginning date of election
    • Ending date of election
    • Local elections chair w/contact information (including e-mail address)
    • Complete list of local elections committee (including e-mail addresses
  • Within 25 calendar days of the election MEA either approves or denies the requested election.
  • 20 calendar days prior to the election MEA will provide an Excel file to the local of eligible local voters from the MEA membership system. Any members added to the local after this cutoff to vote by paper ballot.
  • Within 15 calendar days of the election the local association to provide MEA with ballot items and names of candidates in the form of a Word document.
  • Within 10 calendar days of the election – MEA and local association finalize ballot. This task includes the local association proof-reading a mock-up of the online ballot and approving the ballot for use in the online election
  • During election – MEA to provide e-mail and phone support to Monday-Friday between hours of 8am -4pm. Please call 800-292-1934, ext. 5440 or send an email to:
  • Within one business day after close of election – local association to provide MEA with paper ballot results. Local must retain actual ballots for one year from date of election.
  • Within one business day after receipt of local paper ballot results – MEA to provide local association elections committee with election results.

Resigning Membership

All resignations must be submitted in writing (signed and dated by the member) by mail to MEA at P.O. Box 51, East Lansing, MI, 48826, or via email to