Legal Services

Legal Services

MEA members receive legal protection from matters arising out of their education employment. MEA employs several full-time attorneys and also retains prestigious law firms to help protect members’ legal rights. MEA’s legal work helps members in the following areas: wage and hour laws; unfair labor practices; layoff and recall; retirement; fringe benefits; unemployment compensation; education funding; negotiations; discrimination; health and safety; civil rights; and contract enforcement.

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Legal Services News

Decision on appealing latest loss in 3% interest suit

On October 15, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled against MEA and our union allies in our fight for extra interest in the 3% case.  After receiving that decision, MEA had to determine whether or not to file a request for leave to appeal the decision to the Michigan Supreme Court.  This was done in consultation with outside counsel using the…

Appeals Court Denies Interest in 3% Case

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that school employees who had 3 percent of their salary illegally withheld by the state from 2010-12 are not entitled to be paid additional interest on the money. The decision is the latest twist in a long-running legal saga that grew out of the 3 percent case, which public education employees won in…

With MEA Help, Injured Teacher Wins Long and Tough Battle for Benefits

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor LIKE MANY educators, Jennifer Gougeon-Catarino has always been a planner—independent and efficient at getting things done. A teacher friend once called her “Polly Positive” for her go-getter spirit. “I was productive, and I was in control,” she said. “I thought I had my whole life planned out. Then this happened.” Four years ago, standing in the open…