MEA-PAC Council

Start Date




Theresa Dudley (2014-BdM-Reg 9)



Cathy Murray (2016-BdM-Reg 6)


            Note: The members listed above are appointed at the SLC.

            There are 130-140 MEA-PAC Council members.


MEA-PAC’s purpose  is to create an articulate and forceful voice for MEA members that is heard by members of the Michigan Legislature, the U.S. Congress and every school board in the state.

MEA-PAC Policies and Procedures:

V.      Council membership

There shall be a representative body of MEA-PAC contributors known as the MEA-PAC Council.  It shall meet at least two (2) times each year.  The Council shall consist of:…

…C.    Two (2) members of the MEA Board of Directors or the Board’s designees elected for a term of two (2) years, one (1) of whom shall be chosen from minority groups.