Additional Membership Categories

Additional Membership Categories

Bargaining unit substitutes

Available to educators who have worked at least one day as a substitute. This should go through the local bargaining unit if substitutes are recognized in their contract. If substitutes are not recognized in the local unit, the person can be enrolled as a miscellaneous substitute. The dues shall be one eighth (1/8) of the full-time MEA membership dues and 25 percent of the full-time NEA dues per month. At such time that a substitute achieves full compensation or meets contract requirements for full salary, the local should assess up to full-time MEA/NEA dues for the period of time that the member is at full salary.

Life paid

Many years ago MEA offered a life membership. Persons who purchased that membership are active members for life. If the membership was purchased on or after July 1, 1961, local association membership is required, where such fees are levied. NEA membership is required for those who enrolled in this category after July 1, 1967. MEA life memberships are no longer available.

Minority unit

A special membership for members in MEA locals where the MEA is not designated as the negotiating unit and where negotiation fees or financial responsibility clauses have been negotiated in master agreements.


The membership fee for members who are on lay-off or unpaid leave shall be 25 percent of the full-time MEA membership dues plus 50 percent of the active NEA dues. This would include those members on worker’s compensation.


Available to teachers in school districts, state institutions or institutions of higher education where MEA does not have an affiliated local and where the Association is not the bargaining agent. The fee for MEA/NEA membership is 50 percent of the MEA and NEA active dues.


Available to persons regularly employed by an educational institution or agency who are not eligible for active membership. MEA dues are $30 and NEA dues are $123.

Michigan NEA-R (retired) lifetime membership

Available to all Michigan school employees and retirees. Lifetime dues are $500, subject to change by the RA, and are payable within three years.

Non-unit substitutes

Substitutes who are not included in local bargaining units may become MEA/NEA members upon payment of a United Profession fee set annually by the MEA Board of Directors. The MEA dues are $36 and NEA membership dues are $15.


Any person who is preparing for the teaching profession in any of the institutions of higher education in the state and who is not regularly employed as an educator by an educational institution or agency may become a student member (undergraduates). The fee is $27 and includes membership in the MEA and the Student National Education Association.

School Nurses

School nurses are encouraged to be part of the teacher bargaining unit. If they are, they enroll in the Association and pay the same fee as any other educator. If they are not part of the bargaining unit, they may enroll as associate members of MEA and active full-time members of NEA. Membership in the Michigan Association of School Nurses is required.

EIP, co-op, etc., teachers may also enroll as student members, unless they’re members of the local bargaining unit. Appropriate local education association membership is required.


Any person interested in advancing the cause of education who is not eligible for categories of membership as provided in the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws may join the Association by paying an MEA fee of $30 (MEA membership only, not NEA).

NEA reserve-former educator members

For persons on leave for at least six months, the fee is $59.00 per year.

NEA reserve-former ESP members

For persons on leave for at least six months, the fee is $30.75 per year.

NEA Associate

Noneducators (other than Educational Support Professional) and any person interested in advancing the cause of education may join the Association by paying the fee of $5 per year.

Association staff

The MEA membership fee is $30 and the NEA fee is $59.00 per year.