Labor Voices: This time, there’s a will to act to protect students from gun violence

Hana St. Juliana. Tate Myre. Madisyn Baldwin. Justin Shilling. Arielle Anderson. Brian Fraser. Alexandria Verner. I could spend the 600 words of this column just printing the names of young people killed by gun violence in our schools, starting with these seven murdered at Oxford High School and Michigan State University. Because, frankly, I’m running […]

Labor Voices: Lawmakers should act quickly to implement Whitmer’s tutoring plan

The pandemic’s impact on our children’s learning is well documented – now state leaders must make academic recovery a top priority and focus resources on school-based tutoring to get students the help they need. Between COVID, remote learning, mental health, school violence and more, Michigan students have struggled with unprecedented challenges these past few years. […]

Labor Voices: Mentoring, professional support essential for educator retention

Michigan kids deserve the best and brightest educators. That seems like an uncontroversial statement, yet in the face of an educator shortage, some lawmakers have proposed significantly lowering our state’s teacher certification standards and making it easier for unqualified people to lead a classroom of young students. The last thing our state’s leaders should be […]

Labor Voices: Student mental health should be a top concern for lawmakers

There is a mental health crisis enveloping our schools across Michigan, and it’s going to take state leaders working together with parents and educators to secure a brighter future for our students — before it’s too late. According to a 2019 study from the National Institutes of Health, 16.5% of children 17 or under have […]

Labor Voices: Politicians must stop trying to divide educators and parents

Educators and parents are an essential team for helping students achieve their full potential. But some politicians want to drive a wedge between parents and their children’s teachers in hopes of securing short-term political gain. If left unchecked, these dangerous ploys — in which political extremists create artificial controversies — can cause long-term harm to […]