Collective Bargaining and Action

Collective Bargaining and Action

Being part of a union provides us a voice in our careers, as well as protections against decisions that could harm our ability to do our jobs. That’s why MEA’s mission is to protect, advocate and advance the rights of all education professionals to promote quality public education for all of our students.

One of the biggest benefits of MEA membership is the service provided directly to members by MEA’s local UniServ directors. These highly trained labor relations consultants help us bargain and maintain fair contracts with our employers, including better pay, benefits and working conditions. They can also help us access a wide variety of services available only to MEA members.

Services from local UniServ staff

  • Contract bargaining and interpretation
  • Grievance processing
  • Job security protection
  • Retirement concerns
  • Certification
  • Development of training programs to meet specific local needs
  • Employee counseling for work-related problems
  • Presentation of arbitration cases
  • Unemployment compensation representation
  • Bargaining crisis preparation
  • Development of local public relations programs
  • Assistance in local association governance matters
  • Processing civil rights violations
  • Assisting members with accessing member-only benefits

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