What is AEM?

The Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM) is a pre-professional organization for people preparing for the teaching profession in any of the higher education institutions in Michigan and who are not regularly employed as educators by an educational institution or agency.

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) and its student program help lead education majors to a brighter professional future. The program exists to help students make a smooth transition from the campus to the classroom–to help give students the edge as a teacher in those very important first years.

Although colleges and universities do a great job preparing education majors to assume institutional responsibilities, very few programs are offered that explore the critical noninstructional aspects of the profession. That is where the AEM comes in to supplement formal education–to help preprofessionals learn about salaries, contracts, the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Program, evaluations, discipline and certification requirements, to name a few.

AEM is a part of the National Education Association Student Program (NEA-SP), the nation’s largest and most influential student organization. AEM is part of the more than 160,000 member MEA and the 2.4 million member National Education Association (NEA). Together, these groups are the voice of education in America.