MEA Partnerships Create Quality Supports

MEA member Jay Holtvluwer is 29 years into his career and still enjoys learning new ways to improve his practice. A mentor to “anybody who will listen,” the middle school engineering and social studies teacher last year joined a union-sponsored program to strengthen his use of formative assessments. The Warren Consolidated Schools veteran became part […]

More districts start programs enticing students to teach

School districts are taking advantage of state grants, creating new high school courses, and developing partnerships with colleges and universities to address the educator shortage by exposing students to career opportunities in the profession before they reach college. The growth of courses and programs for high schoolers reflects heightened concerns around far fewer young people […]

October Deadline Looms for Student Debt Forgiveness: ‘It feels like winning the lottery’

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor At one time several years ago MEA members Nikoji Smith and Erika Carpenter feared to call the federal office that manages student loans, despite the fact that both carried student loan debt they’d heard might eventually qualify for forgiveness. Avoidance seemed easier — their high debt amounts felt stressful, they […]

My View: A Chance Encounter

By Shana Saddler Michigan summers have a special place in my heart as a time for many educators to recharge their spirit and spend quality time with family and friends. Last summer I experienced one of the most frightening yet joyful times in my life – one that reminded me what it means to be […]

A True Grow-Your-Own Success Story

Kristin Crane is a busy wife, mom of four, AEM member, and brand new teacher. She also exemplifies resilience and dedication to public education. She knows the difference that educators make for their students and communities every day. Crane has worked in Gibraltar School District as a paraprofessional and long‑term substitute teacher. Often teachers leave very simple […]