MEA, AFT Michigan see potential in education commission report – if lawmakers take full slate of recommendations and goals seriously

The 21st Century Education Commission report, released today, provides some stark warning signs about public education and some well thought out ideas for how to address issues.  But unless lawmakers take the entire report to heart – instead of cherry-picking concepts to implement – real change won’t be possible.


Federal Vouchers Bill Unlikely to Advance

Many education advocates have expressed concern about a federal bill, H.R. 610, that would implement a nationwide voucher system and repeal nutrition standards for school lunches. However, NEA leadership is recommending our members not give undue attention to the bill, but remain vigilant about the threats that a Trump/DeVos administration mean for public schools nationwide.


MEA Voice magazine highlights Michigan educator shortage crisis

‘Disappearing Educator’ article explores growing problem of attracting and retaining teachers, support staff

EAST LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Education Association yesterday released the February edition of the MEA Voice magazine, featuring an article that explores Michigan’s growing school employee shortage crisis. The article, “The Disappearing Educator,” investigates why experienced teachers are leaving early and why young people aren’t pursuing the education profession.