ABOVE AND BEYOND: Grosse Pointe Flamingle

Photo of a teacher smiling at kids playing with bubbles and foamThe Grosse Pointe Education Association’s Family Flamingle Event was a wonderful opportunity for GPEA members and their families to have fun together at a beautiful local park to kick off a new school year.

The free event included a wild bubble-making machine, face-painting, free coney dogs and more. The event came at a perfect time as the GPEA just settled a one-year contract amid significant challenges including Central Administration changes, budget cuts, declining enrollment and a contentious Board of Education.

“So many members showed up to Flamingle with their spouses and children just to relax and have fun together,” said Heather Albrecht, GPEA Member Engagement chair. “It was a great event to strengthen our connections to each other by simply sharing some talk, smiles and laughter in what has been a challenging time in our district.”




We are saddened to report the passing of Juwan Willis, whose exceptional contributions to his Oakland County CTE students and colleagues were featured in the December Voice magazine cover story. On behalf of the entire MEA, we send deepest condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and students.