NEA, MEA President Roundtable with Farmington Educators & Students

FARMINGTON, Mich. – Following the largest education investment in Michigan’s history of $17 billion – which closed the funding gap between the highest- and lowest-funded school districts all without raising taxes – National Education Association (NEA) President Becky Pringle met with Michigan Education Association (MEA) President Paula Herbart, educators, school administrators, and students from Farmington […]

Studies Review Student Performance and Third Grade Retention

Two reports on Michigan students’ performance in the 2020-21 school year were released on Tuesday – one looking at K-8 learning gains on benchmark assessments given at the beginning and end of the year and the other a review of third-graders identified for retention under the Read by Grade Three law. The two reports echo findings […]

MEA Voice Magazine – August 2021 Issue

Click to view online. In this issue: Above and Beyond: MEA Member Gary Cooper Aspiring Educators from Michigan Win National Award It’s our job to help students become more tolerant, inclusive Focus on Recovery Wellness Academics Family and Community Engagement’ School Climate and Post Secondary Opportunities Education Policy Celebrating #MiEDChamp Stories Pushed by COVID, Trailblazing […]

Celebrating #MiEdChamp Stories

Every day and especially during the most challenging times, MEA members step up in unprecedented ways to be champions for public education. You protect safety, promote learning, innovate, improvise, and adapt to a changing and challenging landscape. You remain creative and unstoppable forces for good, always true to our mission of providing students the education […]

Education Policy

The blueprint calls on state leaders to implement higher base funding for all schools with additional dollars for districts with higher populations of students who are at-risk, English language learners, or attending special education and career-technical classes. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has pressed for those changes every year since her election. In July, she signed a […]

Urge State Senate to pass K-12 budget this week

Last week, the State House passed HB 4411, the K-12 school budget for 2021-22.  At $16.74 billion, it represents the largest ever investment in K-12 public schools in Michigan history. More importantly, it finally closes the gap in the per-pupil foundation allowance that has existed since Proposal A passed in 1994, bringing all districts to […]