Wave of Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Targets Educators, Students

While educators work hard amid big challenges to provide all students a great public education, some politicians and groups are stoking fear and division with extreme rhetoric and proposals to restrict classroom speech and learning. In this series, MEA Voice Editor Brenda Ortega shares five powerful individual stories that together reveal the detrimental effects of […]

Redistricting presents opportunity 

In 2018, Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment to empower an independent commission of citizens to draw legislative and congressional district lines for the 2022 election and beyond with the goal of eliminating gerrymandering and creating more equitable representation. The independent citizens’ commission is comprised of thirteen private citizens of differing political ideologies, selected by […]

MEA-recommended current or former school employees running for the state Legislature

State Senate: Erika Geiss (District 1) Darrin Camilleri (District 4) Dayna Polehanki (District 5) Bert Van Dyke (District 25) Kim Nagy (District 31) State House: Regina Weiss (District 6) Lori Stone (District 13) Matt Koleszar (District 22) Jason Morgan (District 23) Dylan Wegela (District 26) Jaime Churches (District 27) Nate Shannon (District 58) Anthony Feig […]

Support our Students Our kids’ future is at stake. We all want a future where our kids are given every opportunity to succeed.  But right now, our public schools are facing: Teacher and school staff shortages Dishonest attacks in an effort to divide teachers and parents Lack of funding for the mental health support our [...]