Wave of Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Targets Educators, Students

While educators work hard amid big challenges to provide all students a great public education, some politicians and groups are stoking fear and division with extreme rhetoric and proposals to restrict classroom speech and learning. In this series, MEA Voice Editor Brenda Ortega shares five powerful individual stories that together reveal the detrimental effects of […]

MEA recommended candidates for school board and other local offices

Throughout the fall, MEA locals will be conducting interviews with candidates on the education and labor issues at play in their districts and recommending candidates for local school board positions up for election on Nov. 8. As of October 3, here is the complete list of MEA recommended candidates for local school board races (sorted […]

Local President fights ‘arbitrary and capricious’ firing with MEA help

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor When Sue Ziel returned to her classroom this school year, it was the Romeo Education Association president’s first time setting foot on school district property in 15 months. She didn’t know how it would feel to come back after spending that time fighting tenure charges her district had brought […]

More MEA Locals Recommend School Board Candidates in High-Stakes Elections

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor Given all of the political upheaval of the past several years, Rochester Education Association President Doug Hill knows it has become cliché to say an upcoming election is the most important one in our lifetimes. But when it comes to local school board races that sentiment is true, Hill […]

DeVos is trying to sneak voucher scheme through back door

For more than 20 years, Betsy DeVos has tried to enact school vouchers in Michigan to drain tax dollars away from public schools toward private and religious schools. The only problem was she couldn’t get her plan past voters, who shot it down by a 69-31 margin in 2000. Now DeVos thinks she’s figured out […]

Analysis: Whitmer offers sharp contrast to DeVos-backed opponent

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor Follow Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at campaign and speaking events, and you quickly notice one way she likes to introduce herself: “as a product of public schools and the mother of two daughters who attended public schools…” Whitmer makes clear in how she talks to and about educators that she’s […]

5. ‘Our power comes from our stories’

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor For those who didn’t hear the important news in late July, MEA member Anthony Pennock wants it noted the Michigan Supreme Court ruled 5-2 that individuals cannot be fired, evicted or otherwise discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The historic decision handed down on July […]

4. Loving families won’t return to shadows

When veteran educator and local MEA leader Cathy Murray married her wife in December 2015, six months after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, she was surprised to learn several others from her conservative small-town school district also had formalized relationships. “It was very telling to me that everyone was living the secret, closeted […]