Legislative Calls to Action

Support Gov. Whitmer’s education budget recommendations

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is proposing the largest funding increase for public education in 20 years, with proposals to recruit and retain educators, increase per-student spending, rebuild mental health supports, expand preschool access, and fund school construction and renovations. Lawmakers need to hear from you about the need to adopt these proposals.

Stop dividing parents and educators

Educators and parents are an essential team for helping students achieve their full potential. Politically-motivated attempts to drive a wedge between parents and their children’s teachers have to stop! Contact your lawmakers and urge them to reject these divisive proposals and focus on providing parents and educators with the tools to form strong relationships. 

Tell Lawmakers to Support New ‘Putting Workers First’ Legislation

The Michigan Legislative Labor Caucus has introduced legislation that would empower educators and other working Michiganders and restore many of the rights stripped from them over the years. Among other critical reforms, the 34-bill package would give school employees a voice in important decisions impacting their classrooms and jobs — including making teacher evaluations an allowable subject of bargaining, which was banned by Gov. Rick Snyder and the GOP Legislature a decade ago.

Lower 75% attendance requirement for 2022

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, school safety threats and winter weather, school districts are facing challenges in meeting the requirement that 75% of students be in attendance in order to count for state funding.  Contact your legislators today and urge them to provide flexibility in attendance requirements for 2022.

Suspend This Year’s Teacher Evaluations

MEA has joined with other education organizations in a letter from State Superintendent Michael Rice to lawmakers urging the suspension of evaluations this year due to the pandemic. Lawmakers need to hear from you about the urgent need for this action.