Legislative Calls to Action

Speak up for the education budget students, educators need
As the state budget process for 2024-25 enters its final stages, it is imperative that MEA members make their voices heard on the priorities students and educators need. Michigan must adequately fund public education — from preK through higher education — so schools can pay competitive wages to educators and support staff.  Providing competitive wages and benefits will help address the ongoing teacher and support staff shortage and ensure every student has the caring and qualified educators necessary for learning.
Restore quality retirement benefits for educators
Please contact your state lawmakers and urge them to support restoring pension benefits for school employees. Over a decade ago, state lawmakers stripped away pension benefits from new educators. To attract and retain quality educators, our state must provide teachers and support staff with good pay, health coverage and retirement benefits.
Make quality health care more affordable for school employees
Increasing health care costs are causing more and more talented educators to leave the profession. To help keep the best and brightest working in our kids’ schools and attract talented people into the education workforce, state lawmakers must fix PA 152, the 2011 state law that limits how much school districts can contribute toward their employees’ health care, by providing school districts and educators with flexibility when bargaining health benefits. This will allow school employers to offer quality, affordable health benefits that can keep good educators in our schools and attract more talent to the education profession. 
Share your workplace violence story with lawmakers
In our schools, behavior issues – ranging from unsafe actions to outright violence – are threatening the safety of both students and the educators who work with them every day. Share your story and encourage lawmakers to work with local educators to ensure that our schools are safe spaces for students and employees alike.