Legislative Calls to Action

Tell the Legislature to Stop Gun Violence NOW

From Oxford to Michigan State, students and educators have suffered from inaction on common-sense gun safety reforms.  No more.  Take a moment to contact your legislators in Lansing about the need for immediate action on critical reforms like universal background checks, safe gun storage, extreme risk protection orders and more.

Fix Michigan’s third-grade reading law

State Senator and Senate Education Committee Chair Dayna Polehanki (D-Livonia) and State Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) – both longtime educators currently serving in the state Legislature – have introduced legislation to eliminate the retention requirement from Michigan’s third-grade reading law. Passed in 2016, this law requires third-graders to be held back if they score below grade level on a high-stakes standardized reading test.

Repeal PA 54 to improve working and learning conditions

Contact your lawmakers today and urge their support for House Bill 4044’s repeal of Public Act 54 of 2011, which unfairly burdened school employees with salary step freezes and increased health insurance costs when a contract expires and the employer refuses to settle a subsequent new, fair agreement. Educators’ working conditions are our students’ learning conditions – by stripping away collective bargaining rights from frontline educators, laws like PA 54 have made it harder to attract and retain qualified educators to our local schools.