DeVos-backed voucher scheme petitions withdrawn – plus more positive moves mark the start of this legislative session

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor Sen. Dayna Polehanki called it “our first victory for public education” resulting from the Democratic trifecta voters put in place with last November’s election — which is the first time in 40 years the party has controlled the state House, Senate and governor’s office. Shortly before the new Legislature […]

New Year’s Resolution: Know Thyself

In my school building, I often stop to admire a picturesque mural of a black ship in a blue ocean and to recall the wise words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” In difficult times, it’s important to remember that we grow into leadership roles. As educators, our ability […]

New MiNE coordinators state-wide

The wing of MEA that supports newer educators, MiNE (Michigan New Educators), is expanding! Introducing our newest MiNE coordinators who develop local in-person events and connect members to MiNE state-wide happenings, including virtual book studies: Tharan Suvarna is a second-year K-8 technology teacher at St. Ignace Area Schools. Tharan is a former Aspiring Educators of Michigan […]

Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023: Public Education Funding

◼ Continue historic investments in early childhood through higher education — including increases to both base funding and equity needs to meet different student needs (from special education and poverty to transportation and program availability for rural schools). ◼ Encourage school districts and higher education employers to invest funding increases in employee recruitment and retention efforts. ◼ […]

Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023: Collective Bargaining & Job Security Rights

  ◼ Repeal prohibited subjects of bargaining to provide employee voice in the workplace on job placement and security, outsourcing, evaluation, just cause requirements for dismissal, and more. ◼ Remove automatic penalties for school employees when working under an expired contract, like step freezes and pass-through of health insurance cost increases. ◼ Allow school employees […]

Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023: Evaluation & Testing

◼ Fix the teacher evaluation system to make it developmental rather than punitive by removing state testing data, changing “effectiveness” labels, ensuring educator voice in the process and providing due process for evaluation appeals. ◼ Streamline and minimize assessment requirements to reduce both time spent and high-stakes assigned to standardized testing. ◼ Take advantage of freedom […]