Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023: Public Education Funding

◼ Continue historic investments in early childhood through higher education — including increases to both base funding and equity needs to meet different student needs (from special education and poverty to transportation and program availability for rural schools).

◼ Encourage school districts and higher education employers to invest funding increases in employee recruitment and retention efforts.

◼ Invest more in ensuring post-secondary learning opportunities — from trade programs to college tuition — are affordable to all students to pursue the jobs our economy needs.

In the words of MEA Members:

We need to overhaul the school funding model to make funding more equitable and address the consequences of years of inequitable funding. Part of that should be advocating for a larger supplemental funding percentage for at-risk students. We currently give an additional 11.5% which is significantly lower than studies recommend.”
Frances Lazette, Ann Arbor

We must address inadequate funding between urban and rural schools, as compared to suburban schools. Explore funding structures that don’t leave rural and urban schools with a disproportionate level of support for the services ALL schools need, not just those that serve suburban areas.”
Doug Damery, East Lansing

The state should mandate and fund appropriate ratios for mental health support positions including counselors, social workers, school psych positions, and other mental health support personnel. We currently do not have enough overall funding support from the state allocated specifically for all of these positions.”
Lauren Robinson, West Ottawa

Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023:
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Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023: Public Education Funding

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