Flint teachers reach settlement with Flint Community Schools

After months of uncertainty, Flint educators and Flint Community Schools approved a settlement agreement this week that respects the professionalism of Flint teachers and will help attract and retain the quality educators that Flint students need to succeed. “This landmark agreement, reached after nearly 15 hours of collaborative, honest and constructive dialogue, reflects our shared […]

MEA President’s statement on crisis in Flint Community Schools

EAST LANSING — Michigan Education Association President Chandra Madafferi released the following statement Wednesday in response to the Flint Board of Education’s monthslong refusal to ratify a settlement agreement reached between Flint Community Schools administrators and United Teachers of Flint: “Our incredible leaders and members of United Teachers of Flint have spent months working with […]

Clawson teachers light the way: contract settles all newly restored topics

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor In her nearly 14 years as president of the Clawson Education Association, Kelly Pearson has not bargained a better contract than the one she recently signed. Overwhelmingly approved by membership, the deal struck different responses between early-career and longer-term educators. “Overall, people were happy,” Pearson said of reactions during […]

Educators celebrate long-sought improvements to broken teacher evaluation system

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor “Wonderful news!” “Here’s why we work hard to elect legislators who support public education.” “Elections matter!” “Let’s keep going!” Hundreds of similar comments and shares on MEA’s social media echoed in celebration after the Michigan Legislature approved changes to the state’s broken teacher evaluation system starting next school year. […]