Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023

From school safety and student mental health to curriculum flexibility and overhauling how public education is paid for in Michigan, there is a long list of pro-education policies that the Legislature and Gov. Whitmer need to address over the long term. MEA’s legislative agenda for the coming years is set by the MEA Legislation Commission, […]

Letter to Members: Good changes afoot

By now we’ve all heard much conversation about what it means that voters in the last election handed Democrats control of the Michigan Legislature with a Democratic governor at the helm for the first time in 40 years. Less has been written about another result that has never happened before: Educators now chair the most […]

Paraeducator builds membership and a new home

In just over three years since she became co-president of her local support staff union in Kalkaska, Jessica Davenport has worked hard to rebuild membership numbers that had dropped low enough to put her unit on the cusp of being disbanded. She faced bigger-than-normal challenges not long after getting started when the global pandemic made […]

DeVos-backed voucher scheme petitions withdrawn – plus more positive moves mark the start of this legislative session

By Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor Sen. Dayna Polehanki called it “our first victory for public education” resulting from the Democratic trifecta voters put in place with last November’s election — which is the first time in 40 years the party has controlled the state House, Senate and governor’s office. Shortly before the new Legislature […]

Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023: Public Education Funding

◼ Continue historic investments in early childhood through higher education — including increases to both base funding and equity needs to meet different student needs (from special education and poverty to transportation and program availability for rural schools). ◼ Encourage school districts and higher education employers to invest funding increases in employee recruitment and retention efforts. ◼ […]