Communications Committee

Subcommittees are two (2) year terms (appointed). Make recommendations as necessary to the Board of Directors regarding communications at the state and local levels relative to MEA publications, internal and external relations, including membership and organizational public relations. The committee will also collaborate with other educational associations where possible to develop meaningful educational public relations programs. When appropriate and necessary, the following subcommittees will be formed to help carry out the duties of the Communications Committee:

Media: MEA is routinely asked by reporters to talk with educators on the front lines to get first-person reactions for stories. This subcommittee will serve as those interview subjects and/or help to find other members to make their voices heard in the media. This group will also help with “rapid response” activities like letters to the editor and/or opinion pieces to be submitted to media outlets.

Digital: Ensuring MEA content on social media is shared on a regular basis is essential, as is having a group of informed and engaged members ready to set the record straight in online comments. This group will monitor and engage with MEA online, spreading content through its networks and, when internet “trolls” and “bots” attack, will strategically respond to spread accurate information.